This page contains pictures of a variety of products that can be mixed and matched with other products such as fire place sets, chandeliers, wall sconces, floor candles and bathroom hardware. There are leaves that you can have us place on toilet paper racks, towel bars or other products that you want. There are also ends that can be used for curtain rods. Use your imagination and make your own creation out of these products, send them to us and we will endeavor to create them for you. Remember, once we arrive at a price for these special orders, a 50% deposit is required for us to start work.

The Maple, Oak and Grape Leaves pictured below, as well as all of our hand forged wrought iron leaves, can be incorporated into any custom order such as chandeliers, kitchen pot racks, curtain rods, hardware, wall lamps and railings.

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wrought iron maple leaf

Maple Leaf

wrought iron oak leaf

Oak Leaf

wrought iron grape leaf

Grape Leaf

Elm Leaf

Folded Leaf 1

Folded Leaf 2

Candle Cup 1

These candle cups can be used for any piece that holds candles. They both hold full sized candles.

Candle Cup 2

Curtain Tie Backs

The ends in the next three pictures make excellent curtain rod ends. They can also be used with many other pieces.

End 2

End 3

End 4


Bird Nest Candle Holder

Below is an example of our curtain rods. You can have us make the entire curtain rod, complete with hardware on which to hang the rod or just have us make the ends to use on your own rod. You can choose any leaf or end on this page to use for your curtain rod ends.

Left Curtain Rod End

Right Curtain Rod End

squaretwist We have several different twist styles that you can incorporate into your wrought iron products. Two of them are pictured on the left.
The next two pictures depict how one of our clients has used our curtain tie backs tiebacks tieback_closeup
see larger image
wrought iron rose
Roses can be incorporated into any design, such as table candles, wall sconces, chandeliers, tables and railings.